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Fatma Zibak Cevheri Guven, an exiled investigative journalist whose YouTube videos of corruption and the Turkish governments shady dealings attract hundreds …

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Erdoğan’s censorship now targeting media outlets in Europe

Erdoğan’s censorship now targeting media outlets in Europe – Turkish Minute

31 dec. 2020 — It is very scary to see that now it is being targeted here in Germany.” Kesen: YouTube Turkey office cooperating with Erdoğan.

Bold Medya, a YouTube channel run by the German-based International Journalists Association eV (IJA), was shut down due to efforts exerted by the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Social media expert Yasin Kesen says Erdoğan is now resorting to fraudulent methods in an attempt to extend his crackdown on freedom of expression beyond Turkey’s borders and into the European Union, a dangerous trend.

GERMANY VS TURKEY – Military Power Comparison 2017

A YouTube channel run from Germany by exiled Turkish journalists was shut due to copyright claims from Turkey; one expert blames YouTube’s Turkey office (Cevheri Güven/Turkish Minute) – Nocturnal Cloud

31 dec. 2020 — A YouTube channel run from Germany by exiled Turkish journalists was shut due to copyright claims from Turkey; one expert blames YouTube’s …

This is how Turkey recruits agents in Germany to spy on …

Germany urges Turkey to release Demirtaş, Kavala as part of human rights action plan. … Turkish Minute TM, profile picture. सहभागी हुनुहोस्.

A YouTube channel run from Germany by … – Nocturnal Cloud

Turkish gov’t uses TRT as a weapon to spread its censorship to YouTube: report – Stockholm Center for Freedom

23 dec. 2020 — YouTube, the world’s leading video broadcasting medium, also is a major destination for Internet users in Turkey, where it is the second …

Germany urges Turkey to release… – Turkish Minute TM | Facebook

Routledge Handbook of Political Islam – Google Böcker

This updated, second edition of the Handbook of Political Islam covers a range of political actors that use Islam to advance their cause. While they share the ultimate vision of establishing a political system governed by Islam, their tactics and methods can be very different. Capturing this diversity, this volume also sheds light on some of the less-known experiences from South East Asia to North Africa. Drawing on expertise from some of the top scholars in the world, the chapters examine the main issues surrounding political Islam across the world, including: Theoretical foundations of political Islam Historical background Geographical spread of Islamist movements Political strategies adopted by Islamist groups Terrorism Attitudes towards democracy Relations between Muslims and the West in the international sphere Challenges of integration Gender relations Capturing the geographical spread of Islamism and the many manifestations of this political phenomenon make this book a key resource for students and researchers interested in political Islam, Muslim affairs and the Middle East.

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